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Advanced Face and Body Art

Advanced designs can take an hour or more and usually require a private session.

peacock face and body art
For Round 5 of the _divastencils Challen
Jeweled Dragon Décolletage
A solitary snowflake, flying, floating,
My #trashpolka #bodyart contribution to
Valentine's Day Body Art Décolletage
My #uv #skull with #snake #darkmark usin
❤️💀🕷❤️💀🕷❤️#peaceloveandpaint #natali
❤️💀🕷❤️💀🕷❤️ #peaceloveandpaint #natal
Our #paintedpulse #collaboration group d
Two Face - Halloween Face Paint
Round 9 of the _divastencils #divastars
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! My contribution to our
Diamond Encrusted Emerald
I’m a little obsessed with UV paint!!! #
Another pose of our Collaboration body p
Mermaid face paint
My contribution to our Muse Me Collabora
Life & Death skull painting
UV Glow Anglerfish under blacklight
Swirly jeweled tree face art
Snowy Scene UV Face Paint
Neon Elephant face painting
Valentine's Day face and body art
Mardi Gras Skull face art
Chinese Zodiac Year of the Dog
Mardi Gras Face Painted Mask
Fabergè Easter Egg Face Painting
Skull and Roses Face Paint
sugar skull face art
UV skull with swirls
UV Neon Iguana under blacklight
skull makeup face painter
Klimt Inspired Face Art
Green Mardi Gras Mask
Painted Necklace
Picasso inspired face painting
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