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100%  Five-Star Ratings!

We hired Natalia to do face painting at a celebration reopening our renovated park. She was the biggest hit of the event. Her work was excellent and she managed to do it quickly so every child got to have something special. I would highly recommend her to anyone.


We had Natalia for my daughter's sixth birthday party this past weekend and everyone was dying to know where I found her. Without a doubt a wonderful addition to a birthday party! Natalia does a superb job with keeping your little one still while painting the most spectacular faces. Grandmother sent me a message stating "The face painter was outstanding. She painted the best I had ever seen."


A very talented artist. She has such a sweet personality and she loves what she does. Peace Love and Paint will make your event the talk of the town.


Just an amazing level of artistry! Highly recommended.


There are people who paint faces, and then there are artists who create masterpieces on faces. Natalia is clearly the second. Her work is nothing short of amazing.


Thank you so much for all of your gorgeous work at my children's birthday party. You were definitely the hit of the party!  You are great with the kids and a pleasure to work with! :)


We have had Natalia from Peace Love & Paint at several of our neighborhood parties and she is fantastic! I highly recommend her. She is friendly, patient, quick, and a fantastic artist. Great with kids! :)


Natalia is a warm hearted and extremely talented/gifted and skilled artist. We hired her for my wife's nursing graduation party since many of our friends have kids and she was an absolute face-star!  I know the adults had as much if not more fun than the kids getting face, belly and arm painted.  I highly recommend her for any type of event that you are looking to do something different, have more exciting pictures and definitely leave guests with something to talk about. Natalia is very professional, arrived early, has a great setup and has a fun personality. You won't ever regret spending money on this experience.  Thank you again for being a part of an important moment for us and being such a super face painter hero! ~Petros

Natalia is not only a very experienced painter she's wonderful with little kids.  She's patient and kind.  You won't go wrong with hiring her for your event.


Natalia is not only incredibly talented, she is a joy to work with and is wonderful with children. I *highly* recommend her!!

~Mary Rose

Natalia came and did my son's birthday party.  She was seriously magical--all of the kids had a great time and they all loved their paint.  Definitely recommend to anyone who needs a face painter!


To anyone thinking of getting their pregnant belly painted—DO IT! I’m here to tell you that Natalia is AMAZING!  Not only is she incredibly artistically talented, fun and passionate about what she does but you can tell she genuinely enjoys creating.  I’m sold on Natalia’s talent and plan to hire Peace Love and Paint for every single birthday party this baby has!!



Natalia did a fantastic job! Best face paint I've ever seen.



Thanks for an Awesome job at the birthday party!  All the kids and adults enjoyed your face painting.


Natalia is the best!!! I'd give a longer review but her work speaks for itself!!



Natalia is an Artist and kids LOVE her! It shows how much she enjoys what she does and how much everyone enjoys being with her!



Natalia's face paints are truly OUT OF THIS WORLD!  She is so amazing at what she does and her paints really stand out from the crowd!  Your work is so unique <3


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